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Our rules... because we need them.

Our machines are powerful.

To ensure that your experience is pleasant, safe and unforgettable,

we have set a few simple rules:


The guide who will accompany you will indicate all changes in direction and speed, as well as the distances to be maintained between vehicles. Thank you for respecting his work and obeying his orders. Please remember that his goal is to ensure your safety, as well as that of others!

1 .    Overtaking other vehicles is strictly prohibited.

2  "Sporty" driving (slips, stunts, speed boosts, sprints) is possible, but ONLY if it is authorized AND supervised by your guide.


We take your security very seriously.

In case of repeated lack of compliance with these two rules, the guide will shut down the vehicles, interrupt the ride, and organize the return of those concerned to the base.

No refund will be possible.

3.    The "B" license is compulsory for drivers (quads and buggies)

4.  Children under 12 cannot board our machines. Children over 12 can board with an adult, as passengers (quads and buggies)

Recommended  OUTFIT  and  CLOTHING


In summer and in dry weather, we recommend that you wear light, non-delicate and easy-to-clean clothing. In winter, a light jacket and a scarf are recommended.

For all seasons we advise you to wear sunglasses (>dust)


For your safety, open sandals, slippers and flip-flops... are prohibited.

Prefer sneakers or closed sports shoes.


The sun can be very strong in Tunisia, even in winter:

Don't forget your sun protection, nor that of your children!

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