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Maxxer 250cc

Recommended for short rides

Not a real two-seater

Our rates:

Duration: 01:30 120 TND - total distance: 9 kms

Duration: 02:30 - 15TND

Trekz présente le Kymco Maxxer 250

CFORCE 625cc Touring  (available in August)

Recommended for all types of rides (4x4)

Is a TRUE two-seater (comfortable shock absorbers, passenger seat)

Our rates:

Duration: 01:30 150 TND 

Duration: 02:30 200 TND 

Trekkz présente le CFORCE 625

ZFORCE 550cc  (available in August)

Recommended for all types of trails and rides (4x4)

The top for all rides: Combines power, sensations and comfort.

Our rates:

Duration: 01:30 200 TND

Duration: 02:30 - 300 TND

Trekkz présente le ZFORCE 550

ZFORCE 800 Trail (available in NOVEMBER)

More powerful and sportier than the 550. Reserved for experienced pilots!


Duration:01:30 -250 TND

Duration:02:30-350 TND

Trekkz présente le ZFORCE 8000
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