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Pheradi Majus

Point of interest category: Roman Antiquity

Distance from TREKKZ: 56 kms

Type of terrain: Desert savannah, woods, beach

Bivouac: Yes

Rate: Contact us

Buggy and Quad Excursion

Pheradi Majus (or Pheradi Maius) is an ancient Tunisian site of Roman origin located in the vicinity of the village of Sidi Khelifa between Hammamet and Sousse .

Its existence dates back at least to the third century BC. The city became municipality under Marcus Aurelius and Roman colony before being abandoned in the twelfth century . The name of the city was identified thanks to a Latin text of a dedication to Neptune Augustus for the salvation of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius signed by a local notable by the name of Marcus Barigbalus Pheraditanus Majus.

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